Math World Mathematics

maths_beeEnglish Classes grades 1 – 4 are participating in a national mathematics competition called Matikkatalkoot, that began yesterday, September 15th, and will continue until the 15th of December. Pupils who are registered in the competition are able to use 10monkeys Math World software to practice their maths skills. ( The language of the programme can be changed by toggling the country flag in the upper right hand corner.) The goal is to get pupils playing and practicing mathematics in a fun, dynamic way using technology. Avid playing could result in very fine prizes for pupils and their class, so it might turn out to be a win-win situation! Mathematics is fun!!


Hands-on Mathematics at Entry Level


English Class first and second grade teachers took a giant step this autumn by deciding to revamp how they teach mathematics. For the first time they did not order books for their pupils, but started using more interesting and motivating methods to approach new mathematical topics. Learning without books leaves more freedom to use various teaching methods and gives children a chance to learn by doing. Peer group learning plays a great part in this supportive, encouraging way of learning.


The main focus in grade1 during the first weeks of school has been learning numbers. Children have been learning numbers many different ways using all kinds of materials, games and iPads as well.

One of the most exciting moments occurred a couple of days ago when pupils found a strange looking box in their classroom. They needed to solve  what it was used for and how to use it. After a few guesses someone suggested that it could be used for playing. With a little help from the teacher the class figured out a great game that actually teaches how numbers can be broken down. The concentrated faces of pupils show that learning truly is FUN!


Animals and Traffic!


English Class fourth graders visited the park island of Kirjurinluoto today. The purpose of their visit was twofold. First they made their acquaintance with the farm animals that are penned on the island. The pupils fed the animals and petted them with great eagerness. Ms. Kati reported that the fourth graders had a hard time tearing themselves away from the animals to continue their field trip.


Then it was off to the traffic park where everyone had a chance to practice traffic safety rules. What a splendid way of learning how to be safe in traffic!

Harvest Vegetables


As part of their ongoing environmental studies, English Class fourth graders explored and sampled seasonal vegetables today at school.



They peeled, sliced, diced, cooked and baked root vegetables, tubers and other veggies. Then the tasting began!


For dessert they had apples and berries. Absolutely everyone dug into the tasting and sampling. There were brand new experiences on offer for some and a good time was had by all.

Creative Traffic Signs

Today English Class fourth graders reviewed the traffic signs that they had learned last year. To build on what they already knew, pupils learned how traffic signs are classified and grouped. Our local newspaper, Satakunnan Kansa, had a 2-page spread of traffic signs today as part of Traffic Safety Week. Fourth graders enjoyed selecting the most interesting, the most unusual and the funniest traffic signs. The lesson ended with pupils designing their own imaginative traffic signs.



Traffic Safety Week Kicks Off

bike crossingbIt is national Traffic Safety Week. English Class third grade pupils spent time today learning traffic signs and rules. Among other things they are using material distributed by a local newspaper, Satakunnan Kansa. For three days this week the newspaper will publish articles relating to children and traffic safety. (Today the newspaper featured traffic signs designed by art class pupils at Cygnaeus School.) Later in the week English Class third graders will visit the traffic park on Kirjurinluoto to put into practice what they have been learning.
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