Ready for Halloween!


Working together the English Class first graders and the English Class fourth graders created this spooky Halloween tree just in time for Halloween festivities tomorrow. A pile of pumpkin jack o’lanterns don’t appear to mind all the ghosts and bats hanging around just above them. Truth, be told, they seem to be having a jolly good time!

Reading Rocks!

reading rocks

English Class fourth graders are exploring the wacky world of Roald Dahl via his book, James and the Giant Peach. Most of the pupils are reading it in their Finnish class as Jaakko ja jättipersikka, but those pupils whose native language is not Finnish are reading it in English. Judging by the intensity with which the pupils started reading the book, they were  immediately swept up into the irreverent and improbable world of James created by Dahl. While reading this book pupils will be learning how to identify parts of speech. They will also use the book as a springboard for fanciful creative writing of their own.

Christmas Card Workshops

card workshop

All of the English Class pupils are as busy as proverbial elves these two days before Autumn Break begins. They are participating in two days of workshops making Christmas cards. These cards will be bundled into sets of 6 unique handmade Christmas cards to be sold for 5 euros per set. The card bundles will be on sale at the Christmas Carol Services on Tuesday, November 26th and Wednesday, November 27th. Funds earned will be used directly to benefit the pupils themselves.

card workshop2

Many different art techniques and skills are being used to make these lovely cards, including origami and wax resist paper batik. The resulting cards are full of character and imagination, as are the creators of the cards.


Researching Prehistoric Times


English Class fifth graders are quietly focused while working on their history project. They are gathering information about the various stages of the prehistorical period here in Finland. Their sources for the project are books and information they gleaned from the field trip to the Satakunta County Museum. The task is to write and/or draw details from the developing stages of prehistory in their notebooks.Then, as a group, together they will compare and contrast the changes as they occurred in prehistorical times.

An Evening of Drama


All of their practice and rehearsing paid off this evening when English Class third and fourth graders put on their plays for their parents. The third graders shared the antics of Astrid Lindgren’s character, Emil,  in two short plays, Mouse Bait and Emil Stuck in the Soup Toureen, that had been written by English Class fifth graders,  A dress rehearsal was held earlier in the day when the plays were performed for the entire school.


Four talented Pippi Longstocking characters performed in four different short plays that told about funny occasions involving this wonderful story character. The fourth graders wrote the plays themselves and included Pippi Moves to Villa Villekulla, Pippi Plays Tag with the Police, Burglars Pay Pippi a Visit and Pippi Goes for Afternoon Tea. It was astonishing how well the fourth graders played their roles! The acting was superb and they projected their voices very well.


A good turnout by parents this evening made all of the efforts by the pupils well worth the while. This included making baked goods to sell to parents at the refreshment stand. Funds earned will be put toward a class trip in the spring. A lovely evening was shared by all.

Recreating the Creation Story



In their religion class on Friday English Class first and second graders heard the story of creation. As the story was being told, groups of pupils could go to the chalkboard and draw what they heard.  The final outcome was an enormous drawing of the story, where every pupil had made a contribution.

Action in Math Lessons

active math1

In keeping with the principle that there are many ways of learning and all kinds of learners, English Class fourth graders have been very active this week. They have played  Concentration, a memory game.using cards showing thousands, worked with puzzles, and practiced mathematics with the 10monkeys Math World programme on their tablets. Fourth graders were also given the option of doing their math schoolwork somewhere other than at their own desks. Several pupils chose to stand up and write using the counter at the back of the classroom. A couple of boys even made use of Cygnaeus School’s wide window sills upon which to write. (See the boys at the top right of the collages.) All of these and other math activities add up to more effective learning for one and all.

active math2