Have a Wonderful Summer!

btrfky4The school year has come to an end. It has been an awesome year for the English Classes in btrfkymany, many ways. This blog will continue when the new school year begins again on the 11th of August.

Hopefully during the summer you will look back through the archives to relive some of the projects and doings of the English Classes.

Spend lots of time outdoors and read lots and lots of books during the summer.

Happy Summer!



English Class Stipends


On Friday, May 30th, one pupil from each English Class grade level received a stipend of a gift certificate card to a local bookstore. The English Class Parents Association funded these stipends, (along with a total of more than 20 tablets and recorders for the English Classes this school year).

English Class teachers chose the recipients of these stipends. The recipients are pupils who have shown improvement in their studies, study habits, citizenship and/or behaviour. This year the recipients of stipends are: Veikko in grade 1, Roosa  in grade 2, Ava in grade 3 (Ava was absent on Friday.), Siiri in grade 4, Viola in grade 5 and Pontus in grade 6.  Heartfelt congratulations to them all!

Book Butterfly Completed!


For every book that English Class first, second, third and fourth graders read in the month of May, a piece of this patchwork butterfly was coloured and added to the wall. Here it is in all its glory: the Book Butterfly, completed one full day before school officially ends for the year.

The pieces of this butterfly reflect many enjoyable hours of reading books full of all kinds of adventures, mysteries, biographies, fairy tales, detective stories and lots, lots more. Well done, English Classes!  We hope that you continue reading throughout the summer. Read on, English Classes, read on!

Dandelion Day Goes… Art!

The second annual English Class Dandelion Day was different this year. The day was so overcast that all of the sun-sensitive dandelions were tightly closed. But THAT didn’t deter us! “Plan B” was quickly put into action and the day was dedicated to glorifying the dandelion through art.

The day started with Ms Sylvia sharing some time lapse films of the life cycle of dandelions, as well as some stories. Pupils have been reading books relating to dandelions with their class teachers in the weeks leading up to Dandelion Day. During the second lesson small mixed-age groups of pupils searched the B-wing for answers to their five questions about dandelions.This was followed by lunch in the gymnasium, which turned out to be a big treat for some!


After lunch the fun truly started! Once again, in mixed-age groups, pupil were bundled off to work on various dandelion art projects. The art-making process is every bit as important, if not more important, than the final product. Working in mixed-age groups offers opportunities for shared risk-taking, possibilities of completing works through cooperation, as well as offering opportunities for the exchange of ideas. Encouragement from an older pupil can be life-changing for a younger pupil. The ambiance of Dandelion Day was relaxed, yet focused.


One group made stylized dandelions using oil pastels on green and black paper.


Another group made wishing wands from white wool yarn and twigs.


One group of pupils created dandelion prints 1. 2 and 3 by printing with plastic forks, toothpicks and cotton swabs.




One group used watercolours and felt pens to create their dandelion clocks or puffballs.

d6   d5   d4   d3   d2   d1   d7

Yet another group of pupils made dandelion pictures by using white oil crayons to make dandelion puffballs and then creating a watercolour wash background. Next pupils made bright yellow tissue paper dandelions and cut leaves from scraps of green paper. The overall results of their efforts were stunning!







Bright and Bold Book Butterfly Update


After the weekend, and with only 4 days before school ends on Saturday, this is how the English Classes’ book butterfly appears in all its glory. Each colourful piece represents a book read by a first, second, third or fourth grade English Class pupil. Surely we will be able to celebrate its completion before the 31st!

Pupils are compiling recommended reading lists for the summer. It is the goal that every pupils reads no less than ten books during the course of the summer.

Class Trip to Särkäniemi


On Thursday, May 22nd English Class third and fourth graders went to the Särkäniemi Amusement Park in Tampere. They earned money to pay for their trip mostly from their sponsored running in April, and work-at-home efforts.

Weather was perfect for their class trip, not too hot, not too cold. Pupils enjoyed the different rides, had a lunch buffet at the pizza restaurant on the park grounds and watched a show at the dolphinarium, where they learned all kinds of interesting facts about dolphins. Even teachers, Ms. Kati and Ms. Riina dared to go on some of the rides. It was a 10+ kind of day in every respect.