Sixth Grade Swims!


Every single English Class sixth grader passed the sixth grade swimming certificate qualifications. This involved lots of hard work and training over several swim sessions, but in the end, every single member of the class was able to do it! The requirements for passing the test to receive the certificate are that a pupil is able to come to the surface after jumping into the water and swim 200 metres, 50 metres of which can be done using the back stroke.


After practicing hard during each swim training session, pupils had free swim time in which to use the great slide in the new swim hall, as well as to practice their own jumps and dives.

The benefits of knowing how to swim are many. There are the obvious benefits of personal safety, as well as physical and emotional health, but swimming has also been conclusively and scientifically linked to better academic performance in studies conducted throughout the world. Keep swimming sixth graders. We are proud of you!

Pedaling for Charity


English Class fourth graders did something really good and important today. Furthermore they had lots of fun doing it! They participated in a charity event sponsored by a local company called VäriPori Oy. Each participant got a chance to ride a green Jopo bike one lap around the VäriPori building. For every lap VäriPori promised to sponsor 2 euros, one euro to be paid for the completion of the children’s hospital in Helsinki and one euro for the children’s hospital here in Pori. Isn’t that the coolest way to raise funds for a good cause?!? Even fourth grade teacher, Ms Kati, did a round on the green Jopo, thereby raising 2 euros.




Field Trip to Fields and Forest


English Class third and fourth graders walked to the western part of Pori to explore first hand plants in fields and the forest. Although the day was full of showers, pupils and teachers were lucky enough not to get thoroughly soaked. Back in the classroom more work and practice was carried out on the plants and woody shrubs that had been observed and collected.

Doors and Displays in the Corridor


Good, better, best.
Never let it rest
Until your good is better,
And your better is best.

The second floor in the B wing of Cygnaeus School is taking on the personalities of the English Class pupils who have classes there. One display features self-portraits of first and second grade English Class pupils that are as unique as the pupils themselves are. The purpose of the display is to commit to practices, like standing in line in an orderly fashion, being helpful and friendly, and always trying to the best they can be.

backpack nametagsPupils need to practice hanging their belongings in the same place every day. These handy laminated backpack name tags also reflect the personalities of the first and second grade pupils.

2ENdoorThe door to the second grade classroom features a group of colourful owls. (Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament of owls?)

1ENdoorAs their first project 1st graders traced around their hands, decorated them as they wished and then cut them out to glue along side the poem above.These hands adorn their classroom door.


English Class third graders have their faces showing in rockets they made.  Every day is an adventure in the third grade. It will be fun to follow their activities throughout the school year.


English Class fourth graders have a clever display that compliments their environmental science studies this year.


Fields and Farming in Fourth Grade

grain collage2English Class fourth graders have been learning all about farming this week. In addition to learning about the many steps of raising crops and equipment used, pupils have learned to identify cereal grains by comparing and contrasting stalks of cereal grains first hand. Math problems were farm-related.  In art class pupils created their own fields of grain. Tomorrow they will all be going on a field trip to fields in the western part of Pori to do some more hands-on learning.

grain collage

Pipi Longstocking Starts the School Year


The irrepressible Pipi Longstocking, known as Peppi Pitkätossu in Finnish, is the first theme of the year for English Class fourth graders. The fourth graders started their studies in Finnish class by learning about, and then making their own mind maps. They will go on exploring Pipi, the beloved sassy character created by the Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren,  by reading, crafting and doing drama in their Finnish classes. What an inspiring way to get back into the groove of learning Finnish!