Schoolyard Orienteering


English Class first and second graders tried out their orienteering skills in Cygnaeus School’s schoolyard. Pupils were given a map of the school yard with places to find marked on the map. The goal was to find the places marked on their map and then to use their iPads to photograph each place. Pupils were very excited and enthusiastic as they sought the marked places all over the school grounds. On Thursday of this week pupils will practice their newly honed orienteering skills in the Pori forest.

Sorting Parts of Speech


English Class fifth graders had a grand time today in their Finnish class sorting parts of speech into their proper classes. English Class sixth graders were peer teachers.

Words on yellow cards were written in their base or infinitive form. It got trickier when the words on the pink cards were presented with declension and conjugation endings! This approach to actually handling the cards helps not only kinesthetic learners, but everyone else as well, while making learning grammar fun for pupils, too..

Farm Animal Presentations


English Class fourth graders worked together with a partner to create informative posters about a farm animal. They have been learning about all sorts of domestic animals  in their environmental studies.  The fourth graders then presented their posters and what they had learned to English Class second graders. They did an excellent job of it, reported fourth grade teacher, Ms. Kati,  because they really knew their subjects.

Doubles Number Song

English Class second graders have been integrating mathematics with music. They have been chanting the Doubles Number Song. Unbeknownst to them, they have been learning the two’s times table at the same time. Can learning be any more fun than this?



History Field Trip


Today English Class fifth graders experienced a massive dose of history when they visited the Satakunta County Museum. A museum guide lead them through Finland’s prehistory, through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and even the Iron Age. In addition to being able to look at objects from those periods, pupils were allowed to touch and handle both real objects as well as copies of objects from those periods of history. This hands-on opportunity made the history of those eras feel more concrete and less abstract to the pupils.

Superhero Sixth Graders


English Class sixth graders know how important being a role model for younger pupils can be! Last years several pupils were peer pals, in fact, for first graders. As the oldest pupils in the English Classes sixth graders have the role of leadership and share responsibility for setting the tone for the entire school year.

Classroom Library Nook


Check out this newly fashioned classroom library nook in the English Classes’ fourth grade classroom! Ms. Kati turned the bookcases around to create a cozy place to curl up with a good book when time permits. The abacus on the window ledge will work as a record of how many books the fourth graders read from start to finish. For every book read, a bead can be flipped forward. Ms. Kati most probably has a treat in mind for her pupils once all of the beads have been flipped. Read on, fourth graders, read on!