Autumn-themed Collaboration

English Class second graders and fifth graders worked together on Monday to create collaborative posters with an Autumn theme. The fifth graders skillfully guided the second graders in their work. Check out this video collage of their efforts.

Nests for Oscar the Squirrel


The English Class first graders have a class mascot, Oscar the squirrel. Oscar hangs out in the evergreen tree near the fish pond where the first graders meet for their morning circle. Every morning a new fish is added to the fish pond to show how many days school has been in session this year. As you can see, school has been in session for forty five days already. Occasionally fist graders bring gifts to Oscar. The two cards in the photo collage above are such gifts. Because winter is fast approaching, Oscar needed nests in which to sleep and store his food.


Each of four groups covered a balloon with papier maché. After it had dried the children glued sticks and twigs to the outside of the shell of the nest to make it look more natural, Now Oscar the squirrel can choose where to sleep and where to store his food.


Autumn Leaves in Craft Class


English Class second graders stitched these vibrant leaves in their craft class. First they drew the outline of leaves on tarlatan fabric and next stitched around the outlines and main vein of their leaves.  They used large stitches using different coloured yarn to fill in the leaves with the rich colours of fall. The last step was framing the leaves with cardboard.


The completed leaves adorn the windows of their classroom and look striking.

Problem-solving in First Grade


English Class first graders are exploring mathematical principles and solving relatively complex cognitive problems already in their math class. One challenge is to deduce patterns using Cuisenaire rods depicting different lengths.


The children enjoy the challenges. Decomposing numbers in many different ways has become a game for the first graders. Little do they know that this important work is giving them a solid foundation in being able to see the groupings, relationships and patterns in numbers.

Poetry on a Poe’Tree


All of the English Class pupils were encouraged to write poems to hang on the “Poe’ Tree” this month. Some class have written poems but they have not yet hung them on the tree yet.  It is always necessary for teachers to help pupils understand the difference between prose and poetry. The many elements and types of poetry are other areas that need to be explored from one year to another.


English Class second graders are shown in the collages above hanging their poems on the tree. As our pupils pass the tree on their way to class or on their way out, they have an opportunity to read what other English Class pupils have written. It is gratifying to hear the pupils praising many of the poems that they read!


Forest Mural by the English Classes


This year the English Classes have forests as our cross-curricular theme in accordance with the new 2016 curriculum. As part of those cross-curricular studies all of the English Class participated in creating a forest mural.


The first and second graders drew and coloured forest animals. They used iPads to find models and colour the animals. The results of their work were astonishing as can be seen from their cut out animals in the photo collages above and below.


The third graders drew birds that live in or near the forest. The fourth graders drew woody shrubs like heather, blueberry plants and lingonberry plants. The fifth graders used their newly gained knowledge of meadow flowers to draw meadow flowers. The sixth graders drew mushrooms since they were learning about fungi in their environmental studies lessons.


Fourth, fifth and sixth graders worked to create the background trees and forest.


It was a pretty labour intensive project to create the forest, but luckily there was never a shortage of volunteers.


In the collage above you can see some of the delightful details of the mural. (By clicking on the picture you can easily enlarge it.)


All in all, the project succeeded way beyond expectations. The best part is that every English Class pupil could contribute something to make this beautiful, peaceful scene.

Marble Mazes for Fun Monday


English Class pupils who won the draw to attend October’s Fun Monday created marble mazes on paper plates as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) challenge. The children made their own ramps, tunnels and walls as part of the mazes. Part of the challenge was also to make the maze aesthetically pleasing.


One budding third grade engineer, Benjamin, joined two paper plates with a ramp so that his maze would be more challenging. It took some practice to handle both plates at the same time, but Benjamin mastered it!


Although the marbles frequently rolled off the plates, the children learned a great deal about maneuvering the marble through the maze, as well as the very important art of making adaptations when necessary. Everyone had a great time!