Why Cursive?

You might have heard a pin drop in the English Class fourth graders’ classroom today and that is definitely not the norm. Pupils were concentrating on cursive writing and not a sound could be heard aside from the restful background music their teacher, Ms. Anu, played. According to Wikipedia cursive is defined as:

Cursive (also known as script, longhand or joined-up writing, among other names) is any style of penmanship in which some characters are written joined together in a flowing manner, generally for the purpose of making writing faster.
In accordance with the Finnish curriculum, cursive is no longer taught in schools as such. So why are the fourth graders practicing cursive? That, too, will have to remain a mystery for now. Check on our blog posts regularly in the next couple of weeks and the reason for this intense practice will become clear.

Lots Going on!

The B-wing second floor of Cygnaeus School is a hive of busy, busy pupils these days. Even recesses are occasionally being sacrificed for the good of the cause.  Excitement is definitely mounting as pupils and teachers plan and work together. Readers of our blog might wonder what they are up to. Keep following our posts for the next couple of weeks to find out!

Weekend Journals

Every Monday English Class first graders spend a lesson writing and drawing things about their weekends to share with their classmates. It is a very focused lesson where the first graders combine all of their skills to best convey the highlights of their weekends. Classmates look forward to hearing if someone spent the night at their grandparents’ home, if someone had a birthday or if someone went to the cinema. It is fun sharing both unique and common experiences!

Fourth Grade Boys in District Football Meet

On Tuesday of last week the English Class fourth graders headed to Karhuhalli to participate in the district school football meet. With the girls cheering them on the fourth grade boys won the first game against Friitala 3 – 0. Then, in spite of terrific cheerleading support,  they lost the second game, 1 – 3 to Luvia class 4a.

The boys rallied in their third game and defeated Kauttua 2 -0. That put the English Class fourth graders in the bronze match. Unfortunately to their great disappointment, they lost this match. Regardless of this, it was a spectacular day!

What added to the fun of the day was eating lunch at a local fast food restaurant! Because this is a very rare occurrence, it was a real treat!


Father’s Day Cards

In Finland Father’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in November. It is a day set aside to recognize dads, grandfathers and other father-like male parenting figures in a child’s life. This week the English Class kindergarten class joined the English Class first and second graders to make charming cards to celebrate this special day. They carefully wove brightly coloured duvets from strips of paper.

The cards are sure to delight the recipients!

Gel Print Workshops

English Class pupils had a grand old time earlier last week at workshops learning how to make gel prints. The pupils were very quick learners and the guest director of the workshop, Ms. Sylvia, was bursting with pride at the wonderful pictures the pupils printed!

The subjects of templates and masks were Finnish national symbols (birch trees, lilies of the valley, bears, holly blue butterflies, perch and whooper swans) in honour of Finland’s centenary celebration on December 6th.

Colours were limited to shades of blue and white. Fifth grade peer pals carefully guided their first graders in using the proper terminology and equipment while gel printing. Other classes worked independently.

More than a couple of hundred amazing prints were made during the course of the workshops. These prints will be displayed on the walls in the second floor corridors after a few more details have been added to the cards. It was a great success!


Second Graders Read to the Kindergarten Class

The English Classes have a long, long tradition of shared reading sessions. Reading with a peer or buddy is something all of our pupils enjoy. This week the English Class second graders read in English to the kindergarten class. The second graders read an assigned book as homework and then the following day, together with a partner, they took turns reading to the children in the kindergarten.

It goes without saying that this session was enjoyed by one and all!