Learning How Animals Survive the Winter in Second Grade


English Class second graders are finishing up a unit on how animals survive in the winter in environmental studies. Last week they watched a film and discussed their observations of different means of animals coping in the winter. They read text on the subject as well.


One  challenge for the second graders was to sort animals into columns showing the type of winter behaviour that they exhibit. Another challenge was to answer questions on the subject using complete sentences. Pupils were allowed to use the text for spelling and help in answering the questions. For some pupils this was a little difficult but it was good practice for them to find information in a text. The pupils also coloured pictures of local birds that spend the winter here. Even the week’s spelling words were related to the subject!

Fifth Graders Build a Working Model of the Digestive System


English class fifth graders are learning about the human body and how it works with their teacher, Mr. Gregg. After researching how food is digested, the entire class worked to create a working model of the digestive system.


As seen in the collage above, it was certainly a hands-on project and together the fifth graders accomplished a really credible working model.

Below is an informative presentation by two fifth graders of the entire digestive process .

Study Skills in a Religion Lesson


This week English Class third graders learned about baby Moses being hidden in the bulrushes in their religion class. At the same time they learned how to pick out key words from text to help them distinguish between the most important and least important information. It is essential for pupils to be able to recognize important points in content text. This practical reading strategy enables them to extract important information from less important distracting details and description, which is an invaluable study skill.


For homework the pupils drew comic strip depictions of the story, as can be seen from the few examples included here. Click the photos to better be able to read the text.


School is Back in Session


After a nice long Christmas break English Class pupils returned to school on a very cold Monday morning ready to begin the Spring semester. After sharing their most memorable holiday experiences, pupils wasted no time getting down to the business of making good on resolutions to work hard and make the best of every learning experience.  From first grade to sixth grade, everyone settled down to make this the best year ever.


Thursday is traditionally the day when each English Class grade level has its spelling lesson. In the photo collage above second graders are writing down spelling words related to their environmental studies about the winter adaptations of animals.


With all of this earnest positivity and focus, these pupils are going to go far!


Happy Holidays


With these delightful felt gingerbread men and lantern snowmen and elves made by English Class second graders we would like to wish all of our blog readers happy, harmonious holidays. School is back in session on Monday, the 9th of January 2017  according to normal schedules.

Elf for a Day During Advent


In the days leading up to Christmas the English Class second graders were very busy elves indeed! They created elf paper clips from pieces of felt and clothes pins. They also made wonderful snowman lanterns by gluing bath salts onto baby food jars. Every day of Advent meant that a different member of the second grade class got to sit in the Elf Chair and be Elf-of-the-Day, depending upon whose name was in the numbered cubby on their Advent calendar. Once the Elf-of-the-Day was seated on the Elf Chair, classmates took turns saying kind things about the Elf-of-the-Day. As can be seen from the photo collage above, it was quite an enjoyable experience!


First, second and third graders all go to hear Ms. Sylvia read the famous poem, The Night Before Christmas. Second graders also had time to work on colourful crosswords featuring Christmas vocabulary words.

Christmas P.E.


On Monday of this week English Class first and second grade elves were challenged to deliver presents (beanbags) to Santa’s sleigh. The track they needed to follow was fraught with obstacles. Among other things they needed to cross a crocodile infested river, drive a sled pulled by reindeer, rock climb, and pass through tunnels.


Finally each elf had to pitch his/her present into Santa’s sleigh (a basketball hoop). The objective was to get as many presents as possible into Santa’s sleigh during the lesson period. They certainly were busy little elves!