Spring Sports Day

sports day1

Today ended a particularly active week of school for English Class pupils when they joined all of the other pupils in Cygnaeus School to participate in Spring Sports Day. There were hoards of activities for pupils arranged all over town. Some activities were in the school yard, some activities for older pupils were on the island of Kirjurinluoto and some activities were held at the Sports Stadium.

sports day2

There were traditional field day games like tug-of-war, a boot throwing competition, as well as team challenges where groups had to work together as one to complete the challenges.

sports day3

At the sport stadium the sports organization LiikU had arranged all sorts of sport activities for the day, including Finnish baseball, football track and field activities and a new sport called “tossupallo” (slipperball?) that combined aspects of ice hockey and floorball.

sports day4The day was full of laughter, lots of good healthy exercise and  fair play. The day was a great success on all counts.


The Tenth Annual Spring Run


In truly windy spring weather yesterday English Class pupils ran around Cygnaeus School to raise funds for their own classes. Headmaster Arto Suni started the runners on their way to completing laps around the school building.

Days before the event each pupil had gathered the names of family members, friends and neighbours who pledged to sponsor him/her for the sum of anything between 20 cents and 1 euro for each completed lap the child ran. Smiles were broad as many children reached, and even surpassed, goals that they had set for themselves. One fourth grade girl was elated by the fact that she bettered last year’s run by four laps.


This year is the tenth year that the English Classes have participated in this fundraising event. Over the years the money has been used for study camps, class trips, field trips, for buying iPads for pupils, for buying musical instruments and art supplies that regular school funding has not permitted. The idea is that the money always directly benefits the pupils themselves.


Many families were at school to cheer their children on. This year Anu Puonti, a mother of English Class pupils, provided fruit to refresh the tired runners after their laps. We would all like to express heartfelt thanks for her thoughtfulness and generosity! It was a timely way to mark ten years of a fine tradition!

Fourth Graders Enjoy Dokkino 2015


A happy crew of English Class fourth graders enjoyed a smorgasbord of four short documentary films as part of the Dokkino 2015 project last week. The theme of this year’s films was Super Strong Me. The fourth graders watched films made in different countries that showed children having to adapt to unusual or challenging situations and take responsibility for themselves. By scrolling down on the link above you can read a description of the films (in English) that the fourth graders saw.


Back in the classroom a lengthy and lively discussion among the pupils ensued about the merits of each film. The majority of pupils were of the opinion that the film from the Netherlands about a football playing boy whose both parents were deaf was the best. (Hmmm. Could the reason be that the class is full of football playing boys?)

Inspired by the Dutch documentary, the fourth graders dedicated their art lesson to drawing fields of tulips. Go to the Art Page to see the results of their efforts.

Global Day at Puuvilla


All grade levels of the English Classes participated in Global Day at Puuvilla Shopping Centre on Wednesday of this week. The pupils sang “I’m a Citizen of this World” and “Los Colores De La Vida”  while performing with colourful ribbons.


Pupils from the fifth and sixth grades danced the Gay Gordons which is a Scottish dance.


Other schools from Pori gave Global Day -themed performances that included skits, poems, rap, dance and lots more throughout the day. The audience included children from other schools and a great time was had by all while celebrating this important theme.

Hands-on Weight and Mass

balances_2en_bEnglish Class second graders continued learning about measuring by comparing the mass of objects. The second graders practiced measuring mass by using hanger scales in small groups. It was fun, and they found out that the classroom stapler weighs more, or has more mass, than a typical book or football and that a book weighs more than an egg carton or bunch of multilinks.


The second graders discovered that the heaviest items were the stapler and tape roll holder and that the lightest items were the multilinks and an egg carton. An important observation that the children made was that, although the egg carton was the lightest object, it was not the smallest.


The second graders also checked the label of many food products to find the net weight of each product. There was a bag of sugar, sliced bread in a bag, a snack bar, a tin/can of food, a bag of macaroni, a box of teabags and a box of oatmeal. The challenge was to put the foods in order from heaviest to the lightest product.

Brilliant Sixth Grade Music Class Concert


Cygnaeus School is well known for its special classes and talents. Besides being home to the English Classes our school has classes specializing in music and fine arts as well.


Today all of Cygnaeus School enjoyed a great concert offered by our sixth grade music class. The concert was grade six’s send-off concert as they will be leaving our school after this spring. At this concert we heard well known popular songs from Finnish artists, as well as popular pop songs from all over the world, “Stay with me“, “What Does the Fox Say?“, “Mamma Mia” to name a few. All instrument accompaniments were played by pupils, rotating the players and solo singers.

It is always so much fun to see what other classes have learnt! Thank you, grade 6, and your excellent teacher, Elina Kalli-Koitila!!


Lots of Ways to Practise Math Skills


Number sense helps to build the fundamentals of mathematical fluency. Mathematical skills can be developed in numerous ways. In the photo collage above English Class first graders are using logic, spatial skills, perseverance, reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve mathematical problems. These are the foundation, as well as stepping stones to solving more complex sets of math problems.