Joyous Summer Holidays!

Joyous summer holidays!

It has been a wonderfully busy school year, but finally the time has come to play outdoors, swim, read and relax. You might want to review some of our super school year experiences here on the blog if weather is rainy. There is lots to look back on.

School begins again on Thursday, August 11th at 9 am.  Until then, we wish all of our readers a fine, fun-filled summer!

Goodbye Sixth Graders!

rosesAll of the sixth graders at Cygnaeus School made a grand entrance together at their last day of school commencement ceremony on
Saturday morning. Sixth grade parents, teachers and pupils were treated to a polonaise dance very proudly performed by the sixth graders as they entered the gymnasium. (See video below)  A couple of nice songs, a lovely piano piece by Chopin played by sixth grader, Sakari, a brief talk by the headmaster followed by reading the list of award recipients and the commencement was almost over. All that remained was for the sixth graders to receive a rose from the sixth grade teachers and then everyone was off to their respective classrooms to receive their annual report cards.  School ended for the summer!

We wish all the sixth graders the best of luck as they move on to upper school!


Summer Premiere!


The last week of school was hot and sunny, just the way we like summer to be! On Wednesday English Class second and third graders, along with fifth graders, went to the outdoor swimming pool to cool off, dive, swim and picnic.


Some of the second and third grade divers were fearless -and good!


The fifth graders had a grand time splashing around together.


Summer is finally here!


Sixth Grade Class Trip to Särkäniemi in Tampere


On Wednesday of this week the sixth graders, aaccompanied by  their teacher, Ms. Anneli, and Ms. Sylvia and Mr. James, set off by train for Tampere. Their destination was Särkäniemi Amusement Park.


The sixth graders all visited the observation platform at the top of Näsineula Tower. (FYI: Näsineula Tower was inspired by the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington in the U.S.A.) Then they went off in two separate groups to explore the amusement park.


Although there are no photos of it, the Log River was a real hit with the sixth graders. It might be because then they had an opportunity to be splashed. Temperatures went as high as 28 degrees Celsius which means that the splashing was refreshing!


It wasn’t even necessary to be on a ride to have fun!


The weather was perfect! There were at least 100 and one ways to have fun and the sixth graders made the most of every opportunity!



Dandelion Day 2016


Dandelion Day 2016 was celebrated in the English Classes in a somewhat low-key fashion this year. In two separate workshops, second, third and fourth grade classes made either realistic or stylized dandelion prints using pressed styrofoam sheets. After Ms. Sylvia explained the concepts of realistic drawings and stylized drawings, the pupils set to work drawing their designs on paper. Then, using a window as a back light source, they drew mirror images of their drawings on the opposite side of their papers.


After tooling their designs (reverse image pointing up) onto  styrofoam squares with pencils, pupils used brayers to evenly spread acrylic paint onto the styrofoam blocks.


Then the printing fun began. Proper water soluble printing paint would have undoubtedly given us better quality prints, but nonetheless, with some experimenting the children made some really fine looking prints.



Several of the children thought that their styrofoam printing blocks were every bit as nice as the prints that they had created.





First Grade Geometry


English Class first graders immersed themselves in the world of plane geometry during the last weeks of school.  They sang a song about basic shapes and then they toured various stations where they practised shaped and building figures and structures. They searched for shapes throughout the school. They played with tangrams.

They built specific structures with legos and arranged mosaic pieces to match given patterns and shapes.


On another day they children created shape monsters. Their teacher, Ms. Kati, gave only brief “bare bones” directions and she was shocked to watch how independently and well her class works. So very much has been learned in the span of this school year!!


Finally the pupils wrote about their shape monsters. Below is a video of first grader Vladimir giving his presentation to the class.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Newspaper Fashion

newspaper couture

The end of the school year is a time to empty desks and tidy up classrooms. A pile of newspapers left over from National Newspaper Week sparked the inspiration to get the creative juices of English Class fifth and sixth graders flowing. Working with a partner, the challenge was to quickly create costumes for one another using only newspaper and tape.

newspaper couture2

Then the two classes created an impromptu fashion show. The resulting costumes and the poses the costumes inspired were great fun!