Second Graders Begin Their Coding Course


Today English Class second graders opened their new Bomberbot coding course accounts. The second graders, along with all of the other English Class pupils, will be learning how to code for sixteen hours this spring. You might think that, because they are only second graders, this would be their first experience coding, but that is not the case at all. These children have been coding since their early days in first grade! -And they love it!


The coding course that the pupils will complete this spring is a pilot course offered by the Netherlands based company called Bomberbot. So far we are off to a great start and we look forward to doing more.


Everything is NOT as it Seems!


All of this wonderfully bizarre creatures were made by family members at last week’s Family Multiliteracy Evening. The point of making these silly animals was to demonstrate how simple it is to “photoshop” pictures. We thought followers of the blog might enjoy seeing this maniacal menagerie.


The combinations were made using the Switch Zoo programme. Next week second graders and fourth graders will be writing stories about this zany zoo.




Valentine Village Winter Mural Details Close up

val mural details

The Valentine Village Winter Mural is complete. The idea was to depict snowfolk and real folks interacting and having winter fun in the spirit of friendship. The figures were so interesting that we thought that the followers of our blog might like to see some close-ups of details on the mural.

val mural details3

All of the English Class pupils contributed something to the mural, thereby making it a mural of wonderful collaboration.

val mural details

Newspaper Week Activities

newspaper week

All of the English Classes participated in National Newspaper Week by exploring the parts of a newspaper, its layout, what goes into making a newspaper, as well as reliability of news sources. One newspaper activity that English Class first graders, working together with fourth grader partners, participated in was a newspaper information scavenger hunt.

newspaper week2

The pupils needed to find, for example, an example of a TV programme that begins at 7:55 am, weather information for the day, the best comic strip, etc.  Another newspaper related activity was making animal collages from strips of newspaper. The fine fruits of their efforts can be seen here on the Art page.

Star Talent Shines!


Gone are the days when children need to be forced, for example, to sing in front of others! Gone, too, are the days when children experienced stage fright in front of their peers! English Class second graders enjoyed their third Star Talent show of the school year on Friday.


They were charged with amazing positive energy as they sang to their classmates (songs in English, Finnish and Estonian!), danced, played the trumpet, told jokes and even performed a cup song.


The fact that the second graders have already participated in two Star Talent shows in the autumn is evident because many of the shyer pupils have lost their inhibitions to perform in front of a live audience.


The second graders have participated in discussions about the importance of being a supportive audience member. They all refrain from giving any sort of negative feedback, but rather applaud and cheer the courage of each and every performer to do his or her best. They are learning valuable life lessons at an early age!


Bookmark Workshop


English Class pupils who attended the Family Multiliteracy Evening on Tuesday evening had so much fun making bookmarks at one of the workshops that they wanted to make more booksmarks. Ms. Anu and Mr. Juho thought this was a great idea, too, so grades two and three joined forces to have a joint bookmark making workshop.


Minions and emoji were inspiration to the children and they let their creative juices flow!

Skating in the Schoolyard


What a treat it is to be able to put on ice skates and blade protectors and go right out onto the playground to ice skate during P.E: lesson! All of the pupils at Cygnaeus School seem to appreciate our schoolyard ice rink, but no one appreciates it more than our English Class first and second graders who are shown here putting their ice skating skills to the test this past week.


Weather here in Pori is pretty fickle so let us hope that freezing temperatures last at least until our winter break!