The Vegetable Fest

Photo 10.10.2013 18.39.58

On Thursday, the 10th of October, English Class grades 1 and 2, along with our kindergarten group, participated in our ”Vegetable Fest”. All 3 groups have been learning about vegetables and fruits lately and, to sum it up, we decided to arrange a healthy fest. We opened our event by singing a song called Five a Day, which teaches how good fruit and veggies are for us. After singing we started tasting all the different kinds of vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and berries that children had brought from home. Taste experiences were recorded on fruit and vegetable cards. We also discussed whether we liked what we tasted. We had vegetable and fruit samples to taste from all over the world, such as the eddo tuber, pomegranate, figs etc. We also tasted more familiar ones like carrots, broccoli, turnips and apples. After our exciting experience we also invited older English Class pupils to share these wonderful healthy snacks.

Photo 10.10.2013 18.36.28

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