Tropical Fish on a Winter Pond

tropical fish 3

Today English Class 5th and 6th graders painted whimsical tropical fish on a frozen duck pond in the island park of Kirjurinluoto in the middle of the Kokemäki River. The project was sponsored by the Pori Park Department and is part of an effort to make Kirjurinluoto a place for families in the winter as well. In addition to two curling boards on the ice, the Park Department has flooded the paths around the island so that it is possible to ice skate along them.

Although temperatures were low, (-14 degrees C. with a 5 m/sec wind making it feel even colder), spirits were high. We even ate our stick-to-the-ribs chicken potato casserole lunch outside. Fifth grader Viola said that school food tasted much better outdoors and everyone readily agreed. Later we roasted sausages over the open fire.

tropical fish2

Light snowfall made sweeping the pond area necessary as we painted our fish, and towards the end of the day the brushes and paint were freezing up, but it didn’t in any way lessen the fun of it all. No one complained at all. As soon as we left, park workers poured water over the paintings to glaze them over in ice so that snow removal will be easier after the snowstorm that is predicted for tomorrow.

tropical fish

At the end of our work session English Class first and second graders came to admire our fanciful fish, which included jelly fish, a long sea serpent and several angry fish in the spirit of Angry Birds. It was a special day that will be fondly remembered by all of us for a long time to come.

tropical fish4

2 comments on “Tropical Fish on a Winter Pond

  1. Anu H. says:

    What a great winter happening! Surely the kids enjoyed!

  2. ss-k says:

    We ALL had a wonderful time. The atmosphere was relaxed and positively charged with creativity.

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