Snowman Month

English Class grades 1 and 2 have been studying and doing all kinds of things related to snowmen. Our first snowmen were named after ourselves.
Photo 5.2.2014 16.50.45
Next we had snowmen maths where children had to solve math problems concerning their own snowmen, such as “How many letters do all of the grade 1 snowmen have altogether?” “Are there more letters in the first graders or second graders snowmen?” They also had to graph their results (colour some bars according to the amount of the letters of different snowmen and see which had the most letters and which had the fewest). These tasks were solved with a partner.
During the month children have been read quite a few stories and books about snowmen and they have written their own stories using our brand new tablets. They also illustrated their stories.
Other writing exercises included practice writing directions, “How to build a snowman”. Spelling words were snowman related so that we would not forget our theme. This is how we have increased our vocabulary.
In art lessons we made use of various techniques to make different kinds of snowmen.
Next week our last snowmen will have their scarves crocheted by grade 2 pupils. Such a fun month based upon such a wintry theme!



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