Absolutely AbNormal at the Satakunta County Museum

Alisa's drawing of the wheel chair course

Alisa’s drawing of the wheel chair course

The English Class third and fourth graders had an opportunity to visit the Satakunta County Museum to see their special exhibition, Absolutely AbNormal (Ihan Epänormaalia) some days ago. The exhibition was about the history of disabled people in Finland. Children were able, for example, to try what it feels like to be blind and how to write using braille. As part of the exhibition they got to ride wheelchairs over a track with curves and maneuver around obstacles. They also played paralympic games, boccia and goalball which is a game designed for blind or visually impaired players. So what is normal? And what is abnormal?

Ava's drawing showing boccia being played

Ava’s drawing showing boccia being played

Wearing eyeglasses, perfect pitch, being left-handed, having a skin condition, being shy, being able to read, tunnel vision, having the ability to recall numbers, having a home of one’s own, being poor, having a job, being a lesbian, being a vegetarian, hating strangers, having a hearing aid, going to school, getting married, night blindness, being religious, being lonely, having a hearing deficit, being famous, needing a wheelchair, happiness, health, being handicapped? Being Absolutely Abnormal?

(a rough translation of text from the Satakunta County Museum’s information about the exhibit)

Below are are a few thoughts about the exhibition by a few third graders after their field trip. (Click the picture to enlarge it for easier reading.)



Stella 2



Fun was had by all and a lot was learned! If you wish to learn more, check out this link (http://tkm.fi/ihan_epanormaalia_multimedia/en/). You will find a multimedia presentation there on the Absolutely AbNormal, a history of disability in Finland.

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