‘Along the Nile’ Mural


Cygnaeus School English Class fifth graders spent a hectic week trying to complete their history mural depicting life along the Nile River in Ancient Egypt. Pupils researched the irrigation system, including the use of shadufs, types of vessels used on the Nile at that time and how people dressed and lived. A few finishing touches still need to be done but it will be a very handsome mural when it is complete.

One comment on “‘Along the Nile’ Mural

  1. Galaxian says:

    The shaduf as water lifting device with counterweight is a New Kingdom invention, relatively late in the game. They don’t seem to appear in Egyptian art until the Rammeside period–although art was conservative and usually funerary in nature, so that the device may be a few hundred years older than first depictions of it. The kids are probably doing real well for that age–I’ve learned some Middle Egyptian but no Finnish, and age 10 was a while ago for me. Good luck.

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