Composting with Worms


On April 3rd our “pets” arrived from Ranua which is in the southern part of Lapland. What pets? Read on to find out.

Before beginning this project, the fourth grade class visited the Pori library and searched for one of a series of books on composting assigned to each pupil. With the help of the staff, and by using the library’s computer system, the fourth graders were able to find all of the books. After the visit and carrying out some research, the pupils busily prepared a home for the one hundred worms which will be eating all of our biodegradable waste from now on. After seeing daylight for about two minutes, the worms wriggled away. They all disappeared by burrowing into their brand new home. But before that, everyone was able to stroke the worms a bit. Even those who said they didn’t want to touch them, ended up touching them in the end. Now it’s time for us to learn first-hand more about how to take care of an indoor worm compost.


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