Field Trip to Heureka Science Centre





Today English Class fifth graders joined other fifth graders at Cygnaeus School to make the annual field trip to Heureka Science Centre  in Vantaa. The trip was sponsored by the Cygnaeus School Parents’ Association.

Fifth graders were able to enjoy many exhibits that directly relate to subjects they are in the process of studying, or have studied earlier this year at school. The Wind in the Bowels exihibit ties in nicely with the digestive system in the human body unit. What fun it was to try on organ aprons!

The classic Heureka exhbits continue to engage fifth graders year after year. An exciting physics exhibit on buoyancy involved a boat and bubbles. Rising gas bubbles decreased the mean density of water causing the boat to lose buoyant force. That caused the boat to sink. A set of pulleys made lifting a car a piece of cake for a couple of girls. The physics and technique of building arches, used by the ancient Romans, was explored in depth by some pupils.

Although it is a long day for everyone, the annual field trip to Heureka Science Centre is chock full of hands-on learning, which is absolutely the best kind of learning there is!

Below are 2 reports of the field trip written by English Class 5th graders, Yasmin and Eeva.

My Day At Heureka

On Tuesday, May the 13, all the 5th graders from Cygnaeus School, went to Heureka in Vantaa. We all took the same bus there. When we got there it was raining a little but we could still eat our lunch outside. After lunch we went into Heureka. Once we had got our passes we could go and see and try anything we wanted. We had round about three and a half hours to explore the wonderful world of science in small groups or pairs. There was the possibility to try experiments and try different things. They also have different themes, one for instance was the digestive system, which we were learning about in biology.

In my opinion Heureka is a great place. It is very educational in scientific terms and it’s great fun!!! The only bad things were that the bus trip felt like forever and it was constantly raining, we ran back to the bus when it was time to go home! My overall experience was only positive.

By: Yasmin

My Trip to Heureka

Walking towards Heureka I was wondering what the theme is this year. Going in was more like waiting. After a time we got the tickets and we started to explore Heureka. There were lots of ball games. I liked most of them. There was also another theme which was, ‘’Get Crazy in Heureka’’ or something like that, but it was telling about mental problems. There were also some things that are there every year, like the coin machine which prints your face on a coin and lots more. There were some places that I didn’t visit, like the planetarium (kind of like a movie). The trip was very awesome!

By: Eeva



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