Owls and Monsters


English Class first graders have been creating wickedly wonderful monsters in their handcraft class. Luckily, they are all smiling friendly monsters! These soft felt stuffed toys might be a prelude to Halloween later this month. Imagine what fun it would be to dance the Monster Mash with your own cuddly monster!


Meanwhile, in the classroom next door, English Class second graders were working hard on their felt owls.


Those pupils who had finished working on their stuffed toys were able to begin work on creating designs on waffle cloth. This requires a lot of focus and concentration, but as you can see from the photograph above, even first graders quickly got the hang of it.

2 comments on “Owls and Monsters

  1. […] in completing their very first Keynote presentation. Earlier this school year first graders made monsters in their crafts class. Then the first graders wrote stories about their monsters. Now, with the help of fifth grade […]

  2. […] year long, English Class second graders are working hard on creating digital stories about their self-made puppet owls looking for a new home. To create the stories pupils are using iPads and the free app, Shadow […]

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