An Evening of Drama


All of their practice and rehearsing paid off this evening when English Class third and fourth graders put on their plays for their parents. The third graders shared the antics of Astrid Lindgren’s character, Emil,  in two short plays, Mouse Bait and Emil Stuck in the Soup Toureen, that had been written by English Class fifth graders,  A dress rehearsal was held earlier in the day when the plays were performed for the entire school.


Four talented Pippi Longstocking characters performed in four different short plays that told about funny occasions involving this wonderful story character. The fourth graders wrote the plays themselves and included Pippi Moves to Villa Villekulla, Pippi Plays Tag with the Police, Burglars Pay Pippi a Visit and Pippi Goes for Afternoon Tea. It was astonishing how well the fourth graders played their roles! The acting was superb and they projected their voices very well.


A good turnout by parents this evening made all of the efforts by the pupils well worth the while. This included making baked goods to sell to parents at the refreshment stand. Funds earned will be put toward a class trip in the spring. A lovely evening was shared by all.

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