Christmas Carol Service 2014


All of their rehearsing paid off. English Class pupils put their all into the third annual Christmas Carols programme for families and the public and they sang with all of their hearts. Even the English Class kindergarten pupils performed one song on Wednesday evening. In addition to bringing the spirit of Christmas to many, the goal of the service was  to raise money for charity and the pupils themselves.


Most of the songs were songs where the audience could participate in the singing, but it wasn’t until “Silent Night” was sung that the audience really joined in singing. The final verse, sung in Finnish, lifted the rafters along with spirits! Check out some of the video clips from our programme.


The programme ended with a rousing rendition of “Mary’s Boy Child” leaving everyone in a joyful state.


Christmas cards made by the pupils were on sale both before and after the programme.


Parent volunteers also sold refreshments both before and after the programme for the good of the cause. All in all, it was a splendid occasion!

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