Self-made Owl Reflectors

Be safe. Be seen!
 Wearing a reflector at this very dark time of the year here on the west coast of Finland can be a matter of life and death. Wearing reflectors can reduce the risk of being hit by a car by 85%. Without a reflector, the driver of a car may only see a person 25-30 metres away. Driving at 50 km/h a driver has only 2 seconds to react. A pedestrian’s reflector can be seen shining 140 metres in the headlights, giving the driver a full 10 seconds to react.


That is why in this, the 200th posting of the English Classes’ blog, we are  proud to boast that we have bright kids in our English Class third grade. They created their very own owl reflectors in textile studies class to wear on their clothes and backpacks. This project involved some pretty tight maneuvers using a sewing machine. Now that says that they are truly bright kids!!

owl reflectors

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