Designing a Trap for the Gingerbread Man


English Class third grade pupils made great use of science, technology, engineering and math skills today when they participated in a group challenge. They needed to use creative problem-solving skills to design a trap to hold a gingerbread man that would work on a flat surface. They also needed to demonstrate and explain their solutions.


One group provided a story scenario where a gingerbread man climbed a ladder on a tower and the neatly fell into a hole that had been cleverly camouflaged with leaves. Another had a gingerbread man taking refuge inside a cube where he took a nap. This in turn provided an opportunity for triggering a snare to capture the gingerbread man. Pupils evaluated their own solutions at the end of the lesson.

This was such a successful, inspiring lesson that English Class fourth graders will try their hand at the gingerbread man engineering challenge tomorrow.


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