Owl Stories in Finnish and English for Christmas

Last week, on the 14th of December, we posted pictures of the owls, blankets and beds  that English Class second graders had created. This post is a follow-up of the stories they composed. The red text is the starting text that they composed as a class. Working with a partner, they continued the story giving it their own ending.  Here are three examples of the stories that they wrote. Click the picture to enlarge the text for easy reading.






2 comments on “Owl Stories in Finnish and English for Christmas

  1. Clifton Bencke says:

    You like owls. My wife and I love owls and birds. Since the time my wife was a single mom, raising her two boys alone since they were two and three, they’ve been involved with a nature center near here. There, they got to help care for and display to the public, owls and hawks. Her boys are now in the 20s. Jackie and I met eleven years ago and got married.

    Last year, a dear friend gave my wife a fun yard Christmas ornament, a wire and lights owl. Last year I ‘perched’ the owl on the front railing or our house.

    This summer, we reworked our back yard. We ended up cutting a tree that was not well. But Jackie ended up having us just cut the branches off of the sick tree. For the summer, I then made a fun little platform, and mounted six decorative bird houses on, and fastened it at the top of the cutoff tree. To protect it for the winter, I moved the platform and birdhouses to the garage.

    For Christmas, we decided to wrap the dead tree with Christmas lights. We thought we might find a lighted star for the top. In looking for a nice star, we came to realize we ought to move the Christmas Owl to the top of the tree.

    This weekend we had our first snow. I took a photo in the night of our Christmas Owl Tree. Today, I wondered if I might find some fun Owl Christmas story and make a Christmas card for my wife, with my photo, and some story from the Internet. Jackie also has a collection of owl ornaments on our indoors Christmas tree.

    Little did I know what a perfect story I would find. And written by children! I love your class’ story, the one where the woman took the tree with owl home. So I’m making that into the Christmas card for my wife. I think it’s a perfect story.

    Do I understand that the story was written this year, just last week? Do I understand that the story was jointly written by second graders in Finland? (7 year olds?) Children who are learning English?

    Where does the owl’s name, Aapo, come from?

    I don’t see an email address. If you give me an email address, I’ll send you a picture of the card I will be giving my wife.

    Thank you and your class for a Wonderful Christmas card for my bride!

    -Clifton Bencke
    (As you’ll see on my internet domain, I’m working at writing children’s outdoors adventure stories. And you’ll see the nature center we volunteer at, and a photo of Jackie’s oldest son, when he was a boy, holding a red tailed hawk. At cdjr.org )

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