More Gingerbread Man Traps


Yesterday English Class fourth graders, working in small groups, used their ingenuity and engineering skills to create a trap to catch the gingerbread man. Today the fourth graders presented their inventions and told hilarious tales of how their gingerbread man was captured.

Virtually all of the fourth grade groups used something to lure a gingerbread man into the trap. One group had a door that automatically sprang shut when the gingerbread man stepped over the threshold. Two traps were triggered by the presence of the gingerbread man in such a way that the traps fell upon him. One trap was set up in a house. When the gingerbread man entered he tripped and fell upon tape that was so strong it held him down. One pupil who happened to be absent yesterday due to sickness bemoaned that fact that he had missed such an exciting challenge, but he was fascinated by the solutions and the stories behind the solutions.

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