Giving Positive, Constructive Criticism


Before the Christmas holidays English Class fourth graders had an interesting, creative homework assignment for their religion class. The assignment was to choose a segment of the biblical story of Christ’s birth to create a comic strip. Time ran out before pupils had a chance to see one another’s work before the Christmas holidays so their teacher, Ms. Kati, decided to use the comic strips as an opportunity to learn how to give constructive criticism using the hamburg method. The hamburg method means that feedback begins with positive aspects of the work, then suggests things that could be improved and finally generates positive solutions. (Click the pictures below to enlarge the text for better reading.)


With a partner the fourth graders looked critically at their classmates’ picture series to judge the overall appearance, the story line, the drawing and text, along with neatness. With a partner each pupil delivered his or her feedback in an atmosphere of positive constructive criticism. Ms. Kati reported that the atmosphere for the entire exercise was affirmative and focused.


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