Who Knew Coding Could Be Such Fun!!


English Class fourth graders have been focusing on their lessons, completing homework and overall behaving very well so they earned themselves a day of iPad use. Their teacher, Ms. Kati thought it would also be an opportunity for the pupils to play with a new app called ScratchJr. This app was designed for younger children but is a brilliant way to sample the concepts of coding. The only instructions Ms. Kati gave to the pupils was to play with the programme to get to know the functions of the blocks. The kids were off and running!

During the second lesson Ms. Kati challenged all of the pupils to create individual projects that had a beginning, an event or happening and a conclusion. One requisite was that scenes had to change. Without batting an eyelash all of the pupils set to the task resulting in remarkable stories. After two lessons the pupils knew how to code a cat that could sail, children playing football, a diving trip, sea creatures dancing, a trip to the forest, a wizard playing basketball and or changing naughty children into bugs!  When a problem or glitch cropped up, the pupils worked among themselves to work it out and were successful every single time. Come back to the blog tomorrow and we will try to show you some of their work.

One comment on “Who Knew Coding Could Be Such Fun!!

  1. […] of this week English Class fourth grade pupils were introduced to the free app, ScratchJr. (see previous post)  ScratchJr. is a programming language that was specifically designed for young children. Below […]

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