The Results of Only 90 Minutes of Coding

On Tuesday of this week English Class fourth grade pupils were introduced to the free app, ScratchJr. (see previous post)  ScratchJr. is a programming language that was specifically designed for young children. Below are three examples of projects the fourth graders completed within a span of two 45-minute lessons. It was the first time that the pupils ever experienced any type of coding. The first project includes sound effects created by the pupil.

This video has a voice sound track created by the pupil who made the project.

The final project has no sound effects, but rather an ingenious story line.

ScratchJr. is a free app for iPads and early this year (2015) it will be available for Androids and later in the year a web-based version will also be available. ScratchJr. is a “younger” version of Scratch, the programming language developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). (Scratch is already available for free use on the web.)


One comment on “The Results of Only 90 Minutes of Coding

  1. Sartenada says:

    Oh my Gosh. Times have changed from those day when I learned to program. I started to program first using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Excel. Later I learned C++. After it I learned Visual Basic (VB) language which I used at my job at Finnair at Helsinki airport. I created some small database programs using just Visual Basic. There was a need for some simple programs and few departments bought them from (me) my department. They were simply, easy to use and what was the best: tested by my wife. 🙂 She always said that if she understand how to use a program, then it must be easy to use.

    Well, this as short piece about my life and more are available in my

    About me.

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