Family Media Evening

media evening5

In honour of National Media Week 2015, on Tuesday of this week all of the English Class families were invited to participate in an interactive Family Media Evening. The evening was set up so that there was a total of 12 stations that could be completed. One of the stations involved creating a family gaming figure. A family member secretly drew one part of the figure, then folded it down out of sight, yet extending lines so that the next family member could continue the drawing. Directions for the game can be found here.

At another station families could choose three small objects from a table.Together the family needed to think of a story that linked all of the objects together. Then they took turns telling the story. Some families wrote the story on paper and some recorded it on their own phone. Some just told the story among themselves.

media evening 3

One station required families to think of an attention-grabbing headline for a news event relating to the family. Another station dealt with advertising. Families had to choose from a group of stuffed toys and together create and present an advertisement to sell that particular toy to others.

One very popular station was the animation station where participants could create their own stickman animation at’ (Note: This only works on computers that use Flash.)


Families discussed online chatting and how this is rapidly replacing SMS texting. They created their own family chat dialogues with user names and posted them on the wall. At one station a computer and mobile device use contract was discussed and signed by family members. Yet another station had a collection of old and defunct mobile phones. Children were asked to interview their parents about life before mobile phones, as well as memories of their very first mobile phone.

Families could listen to the world of sound and interact with the sounds by using the freely available Ambient Mixer app on iPads. This same program is also available online at

media evening2

The effects of perspective were explored at the photography station where families explored the difference between a bird’s eye view and a worm’s view when showing emotions.

media evening 4

At one station families needed to think about and discuss what children in the family would like to change or impact, for example, at daycare, at school or at the library? At the end of the discussion the children could complete the sentence, If I could decide, then… When completed they could hang it on the clothesline for others to view.

Every family had its own passport for the evening. It was possible to collect a stamp at each station. Kasper, the boy in the photograph above, proudly show his family’s passport with all 12 stamps. The activities altogether took about one and half hours to complete. Much of the material for this evening was adapted from the Mannerheim League of Child Welfare’s Mainiot Media Perheet Opas.  Feedback from parents and children alike was that the evening was  a rip-roaring success. Families hope for more of the same! Please go to the Parents’ Page for more thoughts on this subject.







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