Valentines Day Activities with Friends


This entire week before winter break at school has revolved around friendship. On the landing of the staircase in the B-wing we have a tree full of hearts. Each heart provides a tip on how to be a good friend. English Class second graders have been learning about social skills that are related to being a friend. We have learned that in order to have friends it is necessary to be a friend.

Valentine day_2015

The entire week culminated in today’s activities. The day began with presentations by visiting volunteer students from different parts of the world including Hungary, France, the Ukraine and Spain. Then all of the pupils in the school were given half a postcard or picture. The challenge was to find the person with the other half, make their acquaintance, complete a colouring task together and then eat lunch with him or her. After lunch all of the pupils in the school had an opportunity to picnic and play “old fashioned” board games together with friends.


Only this friendly note we all begin our week long winter break.

3 comments on “Valentines Day Activities with Friends

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Thank you for having this site available. My grandchildren are attending the school, and I’m able to keep up to date on their activities. The photos are great. You make my day.

  2. ss-k says:

    Thank you for your kind feedback. Our staff enjoys working with these children! If your two grandchildren have only recently joined us, I can honestly say that it feels as if they are a wonderful addition to our potpourri of pupils.

  3. Sartenada says:

    I love especially the text: “to have friends it is necessary to be a friend”. Great.

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