Logic Challenges


English Class teachers Ms. Anu and Ms. Kati, participated in a mathematics training workshop in Tampere recently. The workshop was so inspiring that shortly after the class Ms. Kati put what she learned to good use with her class of fourth graders.

The first task was one where Ms. Kati acted as the ticket collector at a rock concert. Pupils had to deduce what the secret attribute was to be able to get into the concert using the manipulatives provided to them. (Manipulatives are visual objects that help illustrate mathematical relationships and applications. They allow students to visually examine, explore and develop concepts.) Those who did not get in the first time had other opportunities to deduce what the secret attribute was.

In another exercise a partner would choose a shape. the other partner’s task was to figure out what shape, size and colour it was by asking questions that could be answered with only a yes or no answer. Then roles were reversed.


For one challenge Ms. Kati laid out a pattern and pupils needed to continue it.  Then the pupils began working on creating strings of shapes where one attribute would change as each piece was added.


Finally different sets of directions were handed out for pupils to follow. One set of directions might be, for example, to construct a robot using twelve pieces, 1/2 of which were red and 1/3 of which were yellow.  Pupils enjoyed the logic challenges immensely and are looking forward to more logic challenges.

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