Book Character Day

book character1

Our English Class March reading month theme culminated in an unforgettable Book Character Day. In the photo above you can see all six class teachers in their book character costumes. Ms. Sylvia’s Cat in the Hat costume even inspired second grader Olivia to make a quick drawing!

English Class sixth graders managed to finish reading the thick books they were reading to fill out their entire shelf in the Book Nook. Fourth graders were just a couple books shy of a full shelf. The rest of the classes read hundreds of books in total! We all far exceeded the recommendation to read twenty minutes per day! Three cheers for each and every one of us!

book character2

English Class third graders had the honour of being the only class where every single pupil and their teacher dressed as a book character. Well done, third graders!!

book character3

This year it was evident that a lot of thought and care had gone into the costumes of book characters. Two fourth graders. Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf, (a.k.a. Jakub and John) outdid themselves with their costumes. We especially appreciated Baggins’ hairy legs!  Ms. Riina’s sixth graders dressed with a common Harry Potter theme and thereby set a wonderful example for all of the younger pupils.

book character4

After lunch pupils were divided into many groups of mixed ages with one sixth grade leader per group. The group was given a poem about books and/or reading. Their challenge was to spend a few minutes practicing a choral reading and then to present the poem to the rest of the groups. Because there was so little time (10 min.), the poem did not have to be recited from memory this time. Without exception the sixth graders rose to the challenge. The presentations were very nicely done, right down to the first graders who are still learning to read. Below are two videos featuring groups presenting “Read to Me” by Jane Yolen and “Adventures with Books” by Velda Blumhagen.

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  1. Rose Ann Garbulinski says:

    Great job everyone!

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