Brilliant Sixth Grade Music Class Concert


Cygnaeus School is well known for its special classes and talents. Besides being home to the English Classes our school has classes specializing in music and fine arts as well.


Today all of Cygnaeus School enjoyed a great concert offered by our sixth grade music class. The concert was grade six’s send-off concert as they will be leaving our school after this spring. At this concert we heard well known popular songs from Finnish artists, as well as popular pop songs from all over the world, “Stay with me“, “What Does the Fox Say?“, “Mamma Mia” to name a few. All instrument accompaniments were played by pupils, rotating the players and solo singers.

It is always so much fun to see what other classes have learnt! Thank you, grade 6, and your excellent teacher, Elina Kalli-Koitila!!


One comment on “Brilliant Sixth Grade Music Class Concert

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Your school offers an opportunity for the children to explore all their talents. Thank you.

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