Fourth Graders Practice Finnish Baseball Skills


In their physical education class (p.e.) today English Class fourth graders practiced skills necessary for playing Finnish baseball. They began by practising catching the ball using baseball mitts. Batting the ball and learning to bunt turned out to be very successful, so it was not long before pupils were politely clamoring their teacher for a real game. The fourth graders had time to play one entire inning.


Finnish baseball differs from North American baseball significantly although it is based on the game. Finnish baseball is faster paced and quite tactical. One major difference is that the pitcher stands only a couple of meters away from the batter.(See the photo above.) The playing field is not diamond-shaped so the distance between bases varies, (Home base to first base is the shortest distance and the longest distance is from third base home.) A caught fly ball does not mean an automatic out, but players on base are “wounded”. The rules are complex as to when a player should run a base. The fourth graders will start learning the rules of baseball in their next p.e. lesson.

One comment on “Fourth Graders Practice Finnish Baseball Skills

  1. Rose Ann Garbulinski says:

    I didn’t realize that Finnish baseball was played differently than American baseball. Interesting!

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