National Bird Week for Children

bird week2EN

The 19th – the 25th of May are days that have been set aside as National Bird Week by Birdlife, Finland. English Class second graders have been learning about birds this spring so this fit into our curriculum perfectly. Recently we learned about the different types of nests that birds build, as well as learned to identify the birds that are commonly found in parks.

bird week2EN_a

Today the second graders went on a field trip to put their knowledge to good use at a nearby park. The task was to look for signs of nesting and fill in a Bird Week field trip form  on the subject. Signs of nesting were everywhere! Chirping, cheeping, warbling and the chatter of birds filled the air. The second graders were amazed, when they really stopped to look and listen, to find so many signs of nesting -and actual nests as well. We saw thrush nests brimming with babies that the parents were busy feeding, we saw sparrows’ nests in the process of being built and we even saw a jackdaw with a stick branch in its beak.  Although our field trip was not as long as it might have been, we all gathered lots of memorable experiences.


One comment on “National Bird Week for Children

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Wonderful! This experience will be a reminder for the children to look around when they are taking a walk or just playing to find nests or birds, etc. Nature is the best teacher of life. Thank you.

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