First Grade Math Revision Round-up

math round-upb 1en

English Class first graders reviewed a year’s worth of learning today when they participated in a round-up of mathematics that was comprised of various learning.stations. Working with a partner each pupil practiced solving word problems at one station. At other stations they also used flash cards to review subtraction and addition facts together, and then they worked to solve more complex math problems using counters and an egg carton with ten places.

math round-up 1en

Their teacher, Ms. Anu, could really see how far the first graders had come. Their partner work was intense and focused. Their math skills were evident. The lesson ended with some self-evaluation: What was good about your partner? What was most challenging for you? Was it helpful to work with a partner and why or why not? The last question was answer with a resounding “yes!” Not only that, but the first graders were able to add wonderful insights as to why working with a peer is so beneficial! So much learned in such a short time!

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