A Memorable Marathon School Day

class trip_4en

Last Thursday was the coolest Thursday ever for the English Class fourth graders -and the longest day! After carefully reviewing bicycle safety rules with their teacher, Ms. Kati, the fourth grade pupils pedalled 15 kilometers to the home of one of their classmates. This home happens to be right on the seashore so the beautiful setting matched the day’s fine weather.class trip2_4en

The fourth graders participated in preparations for lunch and soon had a nice fire going on the beach where they roasted sausages. It was a delightful surprise to the class when the hostess of the event appeared with some marshmallows to toast.class trip3_4en

The day sped by with all kinds of things to do and see. A swan swimming in the bay attracted the attention of some pupils. There was time to chill out and time to play games as well. In the photo above the children are playing “Minefield”. One pupil is blindfolded and the game’s challenge is to give verbal instructions to help the player pass safely through the minefield.

class trip5_4en

Late in the afternoon the fourth graders and their teacher pedalled back to school where they spent the evening and night at their very own night school. It didn’t take long for the kids to put on their pj’s and then more fun began. The fourth graders held “Class Olympics”. There were individual events as well as team events. In one event pupils had one minute to transfer as many pieces of macaroni as possible to another plate by sucking on a straw. A team event allowed five minutes in which to construct the tallest structure possible using only spaghetti and marshmallows. Another event required collecting paper bags by mouth while keeping one’s feet on the floor. There were many interesting styles of accomplishing this event.

class trip6_4en

Pizza, which was paid for with class funds, was ordered and devoured. Watching a movie together and some free play time in the gym rounded out the evening. Some pupils fell asleep more easily than others, but everyone finally got to sleep.

class trip4_4en

After having their breakfast in the morning the fourth graders watched another movie. Then they all went out together for lunch at a local fine restaurant as a special treat. In the space of twenty four hours the English Class fourth graders experienced cooking around an open fire, fast food pizza and fine dining. Throughout it all they demonstrated amazing class spirit -and that is most certainly what it is all about!

2 comments on “A Memorable Marathon School Day

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Oh my gosh! What an absolutely fun 24 hours. These children will never forget this wonderful experience. Ms. Kati deserves an award for this clever idea. Thank you.

  2. mrsgarbs says:

    This was such a wonderful experience for the kids. It brought them together as a class while they learned some things and made fun memories together. A great way to end the school year. Thank you, Ms. Kati. We’ll miss having you for this group’s teacher next year!

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