School is Back in Session!


It was a frenzied hour for some English Class teachers before the school bell rang this morning to mark the beginning of a brand new school year.  The English Class teachers for the school year 2015-16 are from right to left in the upright photo above: Ms. Kati for first grade, Ms. Anu for second grade, Mr. Juho for third grade, Ms. Leena for fourth grade, Ms. Katri for fifth grade, Ms. Sandra for sixth grade and Ms. Sylvia as a resource teacher for all of the English Classes.


The first day of school was naturally exciting for everyone, but particularly for our first graders. English Class fifth grade peer pals acted as guides to show our new first graders around the school. In the first two pictures on the left in the collage above Ms. Kati and Ms. Katri are helping the pupils to form groups. The sixth graders in the photo on the right got right down to business and started solving volume problems  in math class by calculating in their heads.


English Class second graders started the day off with circle time and reviewed calendar skills. The fourth graders were given toilet paper. The number of sheets that each pupil had determined how many things about summer activities s/he shared with the class.  Outside on the playground the fourth graders demonstrated their cooperative partnering skills when they were challenged to transporting sticks of uncooked spaghetti between paper plates. English Class fifth graders spent time getting to know their new teacher, Ms. Katri.

One comment on “School is Back in Session!

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Congratulations on starting a new year with dedication and love of teaching. May all of you stay in good health and carry on with your work and the great teachers you are.

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