Fourth Graders Fly into the New School Year


Imagine that your very first homework assignment of the school year is to make a paper airplane and then bring it to school! That was what English Class fourth graders were asked to do yesterday on the first day of school.


This morning the fourth graders tested how well their aircraft flew indoors and and made some slight adjustments. Their teacher, Ms. Leena, then took the pupils outdoors for 3 different flight challenges. One of the challenges was seven opportunities to land the paper airplane within one of three hoops. Another challenge was to fly the paper plane through holes that had been cut in a large piece of cardboard. The third challenge was that of distance. Working with partners pupils had to measure and record the distance that their paper planes flew in seven different flights. They then used this information to find the mean, mode and median of their distances.

5 comments on “Fourth Graders Fly into the New School Year

  1. Sartenada says:

    Someday, if You so want, I could give link to my YouTube video: “How to make traditional paper airplane”. I learned it from my late father and of course, my children know the secret how to make it.

    Tell me, if interested. Matti.

    Have a great day!

  2. Sartenada says:

    Sorry being late.

    Here is my old video. It is in three part.

    1. preparing.
    2. phase by phase (photos).
    3. test flies.

    Traditional Finnish paper plane.

    You have to make it Yourself few times, before You can show how it is done to other people.

    Here is link to my old blog:

    Paper plane instructions in my old blog.

    Happy weekend!

    • ss-k says:

      Oh my! Your father was WAY ahead of the times! The paper airplane looks a little like a modern stealth bomber. I especially like the wing flaps. I think I am going to solve the problem of making this fairly complex paper airplane by challenging the pupils to follow the directions on the link(s) you sent. (They have more space on their hard disks than I do!) Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I will also tell them about your background which will give this plane even more prestige in their eyes!

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