Strong Together -Event

strong together_event3For twenty five years the Mannerheimin League of Child Welfare has organized a national day to declare peace and good will in schools throughout the country. This year the event was celebrated in Pori by school children who were within walking distance of the island of Kirjurinluoto. The theme of the event was Strong Together. 

English Class pupils, along with all of the other pupils from Cygnaeus School, watched and listened to the proclamation of school peace that was broadcast from Kouvola this year.  Pupils also listened to a new song video by popular Finnish artist, Hanna Pakarinen, and a couple of other Finnish artists about saying STOP to bullying in any form.  They had an opportunity to participate in some fun Zumba as well.

It was hot and sunny which made for perfect conditions for a school lunch picnic at the event.

strong together_event2

Various social organizations had set up various stations and activities all over the island. These activities included learning about and practicing life-saving skills, such as first aid and firefighting.

strong together_event1

It goes without saying that these were a big hit with all of the children! The firefighting obstacle course was a real winner. The goal was to rescue the teddy bear.

strong together6


strong together_event4

An opportunity to put on inflatable sumo wrestler costumes was another wonderful event for the children. In the photos above English Class fifth and sixth graders are having a go at sumo wrestling.

strong together_event5

Although the island was full of new, exciting activities, old favorites still drew the attention of these fifth grade girls. Could they be photographing the proud father of the recently hatched peacock? -Proud as a peacock, they say! The girls proved to be good citizens by cleaning up litter left behind by other children, but their faces show what they think of having left litter behind in the first place. Well done, girls! All in all, a memorable time was had by all.





One comment on “Strong Together -Event

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    So many things have changed since I was in school. The attention that these issues are being given is a good thing. I didn’t know what bullying was-but, I was bullied and I still remember the incidents-but, I worked it out myself not telling my teacher or mother. I will always remember the boy that bullied me and what he said.
    First aid and fire fighting was demonstrated when my children were in school in the 70’s, and my son insisted that he have a escape ladder in his room to exit if there were a fire, since his room was two levels below. I still remember him telling us the procedure to exit if there was smoke…. and can hear his words. Educating our youth in this regard is a good thing-and making it fun is even better.

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