Classifying and Sorting

classifying and sortingFor the last two days of this week English Class first graders have been using logic puzzle pieces that originated in Hungary. At first the pupils constructed figures using the puzzle pieces any way they wished. Then, all together, they construed attributes for the logic puzzle pieces. Following that, the first graders sorted the pieces into piles according to attributes they set themselves: shape, colour and size, etc. Some pupils were able to classify and sort the pieces with very specific attributes!

Today the pupils participated in games of deduction, first with their teacher, Ms. Kati, and then among themselves. They played Keeper of the Gate, a game that they had played earlier, but they used logic puzzle pieces in their game this time. The activity ended when pupils carefully practiced returning the logic puzzle pieces to their containers.

Sorting and classifying objects not only teaches children about attributes and relationships, but also
promotes logical thinking and the application of rules. These skills are critical to really and truly understanding mathematics.

One comment on “Classifying and Sorting

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    They’re getting a good foundation for math….

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