Wildflower Fieldtrip

5EN_wildflowers1English Class fifth graders are learning about wildflowers that grow in dry meadows and wetter areas in their environmental studies class. On Friday they went on a fieldtrip to a nearby area to practice flower identification by playing a game.  The pupils worked in small groups and invented names for their teams. 5EN_wildflowers2

Points were awarded for the correct identification of plants but pupils also needed to take a selfie (groupie?) with each identified plant.  (The photographs pupils took of their plants and themselves will be used later this fall to create a collage of pupils and meadow life forms.) Each team’s collected plants had to be carried along for the duration of the fieldtrip which lasted for one hour.5EN_wildflowers3The teams and their results were as follows: The J-men came in 1st place, the 3 Muscoplants placed 2nd and Team Maxperi came in third. After the game pupils used natural materials to create imaginary trolls. This enriching learning experience was deemed a great success by both Ms. Katri and her pupils.

One comment on “Wildflower Fieldtrip

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Competition is good….looking forward to the collages. Thank you.

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