Patterning in Sequence in First Grade


English Class first graders have been practicing sequencing and patterning. On Friday pupils formed lines with partners. Ms. Kati, their teacher, called out a few suggestions and after that pupils contributed their own ideas of attributes for creating lines. Following that the children used multi-links to create stacks (sequences) along the same lines as mentioned previously. The children tried to use words to describe the long series they had created. Finally the pupils practiced what they had learned using logic puzzle pieces. Ms. Kati showed the beginning of a patterned sequence and the pupils had to continue the sequences. When all of the patterning challenges had been mastered, the first graders could create their own pattern sequences.


Sorting, classifying, and patterning form the foundation for analytical thinking. By comparing objects (in this case, logic puzzle pieces) to one another and understanding the relationship between pairs of objects, our first grade pupils are demonstrating the ability for transitive thinking: For example, This green apple is larger than the yellow apple, but the yellow apple is larger than the red apple. What colour is the largest apple? What colour is the smallest apple?

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