Product Design in Textile Studies Class

product design_5en

Product design is very important in the new Finnish curriculum. Both English Class 5th and 6th grade textile study pupils had enjoyable experiences when they took part in round robins of creating imaginary animals. Their teacher, Ms. Katri, gave each pupil a piece of A2-sized paper with directions to begin by drawing a colourful imaginary animal. After a few minutes, pupils rotated in  a clockwise direction to another seat where they continued working on someone else’s drawing by adding something new to the creature that had been already drawn. After a certain time seats were switched again. This continued until everyone had contributed something to each and every drawing. The purpose of this exercise was to get creative juices flowing.

product design_6en

The next step was to begin designing an imaginary creature that could actually be sewn. Textures, colours and fabric were all to be taken into consideration in the design. We will post photos of the products as they develop.

One comment on “Product Design in Textile Studies Class

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