Clay Whistles on Fun Monday


Today the well-deserving pupils who were selected to participate in Fun Monday were able to create imaginary creature whistles from clay. The process was a bit tricky because a hollow clay ball had to be created from a pinch pot. But every single pupil present, from first grader to sixth grader, was successful in his/her endeavour!


Ms. Sylvia demonstrated and the pupils followed suit. It was heartening to watch the older pupils helping and advising the younger pupils with kindness and patience -and without being told to do so!


As you can see from the photos above, the finished products were full of character! The creatures will now air dry for a couple of weeks and then they will be fired in the school’s ceramic oven.

(Photographs by Max Koskenkanto)

One comment on “Clay Whistles on Fun Monday

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Fun Monday – much research must be done by teachers for the students to have fun…..good job teachers. I would enjoy being one of your students….

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