Traditional Schoolwork, Too!

dictionary work_4en

Lest readers of our blog think that traditional learning has totally disappeared, we are posting these pictures of fourth graders learning about what can be found in dictionaries. The fourth graders will practice using dictionaries and other traditional reference books as part of their English language studies. This goes hand in hand with learning how to confine searches on the Internet to relevant, reliable, age appropriate information.


In this photo collage a group of third graders are practicing the art of skimming text for pertinent information.

One comment on “Traditional Schoolwork, Too!

  1. Sartenada says:

    Very nice to read that dictionaries still are in use when learning languages! I am senior citizen to whom dictionaries are must and I love big dictionaries. When learning French, I wore out one dictionary, when reading French book with dictionary in my hands. After twenty books, I needed only occasionally dictionary.

    At this moment, I am learning Portuguese since two years. This year I have read three books in Portuguese using dictionary to search every unknown word. Is it hard – yes, but I am persistent.

    To me to see and compare how in our modern days teaching is arranged is interesting, because my children attended in “Le lycée franco-finlandais” in Helsinki. Carry on this way! You are doing great job.

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