Traffic Safety Week

traffic safety1

This past week, which was Finland’s National Traffic Safety Week, English Class pupils participated in many diverse activities to learn about traffic safety. Our local newspaper, Satakunnan Kansa, published articles relevant to children and traffic all week long. In Finnish lessons pupils could do the interesting tasks that the newspaper offered, including creating comics.

English Class kindergarten children, together with English Class first and second graders, in small mixed age groups participated in a traffic safety workshop. With Ms. Anu the children sang songs about traffic and traffic safety. Among other favourites they sang “The People on the Bus” and a song about traffic lights.

Downstairs, with Ms. Eevaliisa, small groups of pupils entered a dark, windowless room to see exactly how efficient reflectors and reflective tape is on a pitch black night. With only a very small penlight torch (flashlight), the reflectors could be seen at the far end of the room. Ms. Eevaliisa read traffic situations and within their groups the pupils decided if the statement was correct or not.

traffic safety2

At the third station of the workshop pupils could choose what model bike helmet they would like. Then they were able to decorate it as they wished. Of course the importance of head protection while riding a bike was emphasized throughout the project.

traffic safety4

The first graders, the third graders and the fourth graders all had scheduled time at Kirjurinluoto’s Traffic Park. The weather could not have been more perfect! The children demonstrated that they really understand the importance of following the rules of the road.

traffic safety3


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