Friday Math Workshop for First Graders


This week English Class first graders practiced comparison of amounts in their math lessons. At first the children tried to determine which was more or less just by looking at the amounts. However, the more objects involved, the more difficult it was to decide which was more or less, particularly by how many. The pupils decided that by forming pairs it was easier to decided which had more and which had less. Pupils continued practicing the concept of a one to one relationship in their notebooks.

The first graders participated in a math revision round robin workshop on Friday to review what they had learned during the week. This time the workshop included eight different stations where newly acquired math skills were called into play.


At various stations, the pupils practiced recognition of the numbers 0 – 10 using many different means. These included using marble snakes, marble bags, (Both are pictured in the collage above.) playing a memory game and by counting small objects. Use of iPads to practice mathematics was a big hit at one station.  At another station pupils practiced writing the number one. For extra challenge, pupils played with logic puzzle pieces and tangrams. The camel figure was an especially popular choice with the first graders when forming tangram figures.


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