The Smells and Tastes of Autumn

Today is the autumnal equinox. In honour of this annual event this year the English Classes celebrated the sights, smells and tastes of Autumn for two lessons during the school day.

English Class sixth graders kicked off the day’s theme with a brief, but informative presentation about Yom Kippur, which is one of the most culturally significant Jewish holidays.  Each grade level class had prepared something related to Autumn . In mixed age groups pupils spent some time in each of our six classrooms learning all sorts of things by looking, listening, smelling and tasting. English Class kindergarten children also joined us in these activities.

autumn apples

The first graders together with their teacher, Ms. Kati, had prepared apple cake and blueberry cake, although apple was their particular theme. The first graders had learned lots of new vocabulary words in the preparation and baking of the cakes. They put these new words to good use as they explained to their visitors what they had done. Visitors to this classroom also participated in a lovely sing-along about apples. The cakes, we all decided, were yummy!!

autumn veggies

The second graders brought all sorts of wonderful fruit and veggies to school to share with other English Class pupils. Everything was served uncooked. Dips were on offer as well. Everyone experienced new taste experiences and the overall consensus was that veggies are delicious. The children tasted radishes, kohlrabi (kyssäkaali), parsnip and turnip to name a few more unusual vegetables. Plums, apples and grapes were also available for tasting. Ms. Anu and the second graders had a delightful assortment for tasting.

autumn bread

English Class third graders learned about the cereal grains that grow in Finland. With their teacher, Mr. Juho, they had a lesson about the properties of yeast. Then they rolled up their sleeves, washed their hands and made bread. Mmmm-mmm.

autumn bread2

It is a shame that the smell can’t be transmitted to the readers of this blog. It was heavenly! Everyone who visited the classroom was able to taste some of the freshly baked bread.

autumn berries

Last Friday English Class fourth graders braved the rain to go out into the woods to pick lingonberries for today. Visitors to their classroom learned how to tell the difference between blueberry shrubs and lingonberry shrubs. Fourth graders made lingonberry pudding made with whipped semolina/cream of wheat  and it tasted so good that it brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

autumn mushrooms

Our fifth graders and their teacher, Ms. Katri, went out into the woods also to forage for mushrooms. This year it has been quite dry in recent weeks so the task was not an easy one. Not one single poisonous fly agaric mushroom (kärpässieni) could be found! Nonetheless they found enough mushrooms to set up a splendid display in their classroom.

autumn mushrooms2

The fifth graders’ classroom was a visual feast in spite of there not being anything available to eat.

autumn pumpkins

English Class sixth graders made all sorts of goodies from roasted pumpkin, including iced pumpkin cake and cheese cake. There was also apple-pomegranate juice for guests to sample. The sixth graders and their teacher, Ms. Sandra, outdid themselves.

All in all this was an incredible learning experience on ever so many levels! Kudos to all of the English Classes and their teachers!

3 comments on “The Smells and Tastes of Autumn

  1. Rose Ann Garbulinski says:

    What a great idea and fun for the students too!

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