Wet Felting on Fun Monday


It was quite an interesting experience for those children who attended the wet felting session on Fun Monday to first hand experience the process of wool felting. Pupils learned that wool has microscopic hooks on each hair of wool.  In order to felt wool, the individual hairs must tangle so that they stay together.  Friction and warm soapy water cause the series of microscopic hooks on each hair to open and for the hairs to join. This results in the process of felting.

First pupils laid out wool and added layers of colour. Then they slipped the wool into a plastic bag that could be zipped shut. Before closing the bag, warm soapy water was added to the bag to completely soak the wool. Excess water was poured off and then the pupils sealed their bags.



That was when the real fun began. After dipping their fingers in soapy water, the children began to rub, massage and even beat the surface of their own plastic bag. After a time  the wool felted. The felt mats were placed on bamboo placemats and then rolled up tightly into a roll. Pupils rolled the mats back and forth over absorbent terry cloth towels. This, too, was part of the felting process in addition to helping the felt pieces dry out.


The final stage involved pinning leaf patterns to the felt and cutting out fantastic felt leaves. These lovely leaves will be on display on our tree on the second floor of the B-wing for everyone to enjoy.

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