Awesome Internet Sites on Fun Monday


Over the weekend second grade teacher Ms. Anu encountered bear scat while out picking berries (upper left photo in the photo collage above.)  That inspired exploration of one of the several incredible Internet sites that some fortunate English Class pupils were able to enjoy on Fun Monday: Who Pooped? In addition to being entertaining this informative site taught us a lot! 

Pupils also explored the ingenious animated site, Draw a Stickman, where they practiced reading and following directions, as well as lots of funny effects of their drawing efforts. There was a brand new episode for those who were already familiar with the site.


On Fun Monday English Class pupils learned about the famous American abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock who began creating drip paintings in the 1940’s. The pupils visited the Jackson Pollock site to create their own “paintings” by moving and clicking a computer mouse. We even printed out a few of the very best creations as keepsakes. The last few minutes were free choice and the pupils played Minecraft and other fun computer games.

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