STEAM Challenges at Fun Monday


English Class pupils attending Fun Monday this week participated in two STEAM challenges. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. STEAM is mostly about creative problem-solving, solving hands-on challenges. The first challenge of the day was to construct a container that would protect a raw egg from breaking when it was dropped from a certain height. Working in four groups of three pupils each, the children discussed the materials at hand and possible solutions. When consensus had been reached they worked together to create the container.


Only one group was able to keep their raw egg intact. Lots of cushioning material inside and a soft covering for the outside of the container were attributed as being the reasons why this group’s egg did not break.


The second STEAM challenge was very engaging. The atmosphere was intense and at times breathing was almost forbidden! The task was to use disposable cups as well as large and small craft sticks to build the highest self-standing structure possible. However, the most difficult aspect of this challenge was that the entire structure had to balance on one Unifix cube, which is slightly more that 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm.

Lots of experimentation and some incredible group work resulted in a few inspired structures. The winning tower is pictured in the two photos at the bottom centre of the collage. The height was a grand 75 cm. The runner-up is shown in the top right photo of the collage.

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