What is “Real” at the Pori Art Museum?


Two exhibitions by German artists Daniel and Geo Fuchs challenged English Class fifth graders to rethink what they thought they were seeing. In the Toygiants exhibit pupils saw enormous life-like portraits of iconic pop figures, historical figures mixed in with fantasy characters and super heroes. What is real and what isn’t? What is old and what is new?


Their museum guide, Caroline Ward-Raatikainen, lead the pupils on a tour through the main hall where both the Toygiants and Forces and Explosions are on exhibit. Pupils participated in a workshop inspired by Toygiants,  where they used shiny, bright vinyl plastic to create “friendsies” to add to a wall display in the gallery.


Forces and Explosions shows moments captured during war. However, no one knows if these moments were captured in real life, in a fictive movie, a documentary or even from a video game. What is real? In the video installation behind Ms. Katri, soldiers are shown dancing. The artists compiled video clips from Youtube showing soldiers dancing. So what are dancing soldiers all about? Is that some kind of improbable force? The fifth graders and their teacher went home with lots and lots to think about.

Follow this link to see the results of the art workshop fourth graders participated in after visiting the Toygiants exhibition early in September.


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