Decked Out for Halloween


English Class pupils have been getting ready for Halloween. Look at the personable pumpkins that English Class fourth graders re-purposed from empty plastic bottles! Don’t you just love their expressions?!


The upper shelves of the vitrine on the second floor is full of clever paper lanterns that English Class second graders made. Bats, ghosts, Frankensteins and jack o’lanterns add to the Halloween atmosphere.


Both first and second graders created jack o’lantern faces using geometric shapes. Then they carefully recorded the number and types of shapes that they used. (This idea was taken from this blog.)


In their spare time in the month of October all of the English Class pupils have created Halloween silhouette figures to glue on to our Halloween mural. This group activity will culminate in children searching for the exact number of witches in the mural, the exact number of black cats, ghosts, etc. Check in after next week to find out how the Halloween Search turns out!

3 comments on “Decked Out for Halloween

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Another clever activity involving the entire group….

  2. Sartenada says:

    They are gorgeous. I really love them.

  3. Tomi Leivo says:


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