Prehistory in Fifth Grade


English Class fifth graders have been learning about the world in prehistoric times this fall. The fifth graders have learned about the dwellings stone age people lived in, how they hunted and gathered food, how they protected themselves and the tools they made and used. These studies culminated in a field trip to the Satakunta County Museum where pupils listen attentively to their guide tell them more about this fascinating period.


Pupils were able to handle objects and replicas of objects to better understand how they were made and used in the past. Their history teacher, Ms. Kati, was very proud of how our fifth graders eagerly answered the guide’s questions during their visit. The fifth graders showed their interest and appreciation in all things prehistorical during their visit.


What was learned during their visit to Satakunta Museum was later put to good use when the fifth graders did their own project summaries in their history notebooks.


A great deal of thought, effort and time was put into the project summaries. (Click the pictures above to enlarge them for easier reading.)

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