Nepalese Visitor to First Grade

nepalese guest

English Class first graders had a great opportunity to learn about the distant country of Nepal and what going to school in Nepal is like on Wednesday of this week when they had a Nepalese visitor in their class. The first graders got to see what the Nepali alphabet looks like and what numbers look like as well. The children wished to see words written in Nepali so their guest obliged them. Most children wished to see their own names written in Nepali but there were also requests to see Batman and Superman written in Nepali.

nepalese guest2

The children sang a short song in Nepali and then listen to a story read in both Nepali and English. The children were very keen to ask questions about the differences between schools in Nepal and Finland, as well as the differences in landscape and nature. They learned a great deal. Later in the day, when the pupils were practicing writing letters, one first grade pupil noted that the Nepalese flag resembles the letter of the day, the letter M.

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