Successful “Around the World” Sale for Fifth Graders


A lot of planning and preparation paid off for the English Class fifth graders when they held their class fundraising sale on Wednesday of this week. The theme of the sale was “Around the World” so the costumes that the fifth graders wore, along with many of the baked goods carried this global scheme.  The pupils asked their teacher, Ms. Katri, to dress as a polar bear, which she did! (See bottom left pic in photo collage below.)  5EN class member Nicholas proved his prowess with the computer by making invitations and announcements for the sale. John’s mom, Ms. Dina, was an invaluable help with the  baked goods station. Hoop games were organized by Jesse on the A-side of the gym. Fifth grader Max played the part of the DJ perfectly with a nice varied assortment of music.


There was even a photobooth at the sale  where pupils could pose with photo props in front of a map of Scandinavia. Batman appeared to be the first choice of many. Look at some of our English Class pupils posing in the photo collages above. Proceeds from the sale will be used by the pupils themselves for a class trip or perhaps a study camp. This will be decided after Christmas by the pupils and their parents.


The benefits of organizing this kind of fundraising activity are many fold. First and foremost, working toward a common goal binds the  pupils together socially. The effort and coordination that went into the planning and execution are integral parts of entrepreneurship. Yet another important aspect of the sale fundraiser is taking responsibility for cleaning up after the sale. All things considered, the fifth graders did a fine job!

One comment on “Successful “Around the World” Sale for Fifth Graders

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    When we did FaceTime this week, John related this activity and felt so proud about the profits that resulted from everyone’s efforts. Great job.

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