Learning Progresses with the Advance of Advent


In spite of Christmas Carol rehearsals and Advent preparations, all of the English Class pupils have been focused on learning all sorts of important things. In the photo collage above first graders are using their math machines to find all the addends of six and doing notebook work for the number six.

Second graders have been practicing skip counting by 3’s to the tune of Jingle Bells in the spirit of the season. They are practicing their times tables to become math masters. Watch the video above to see how well they are doing.


English Class third graders have been learning about the reason for the change of seasons on Earth in their environmental studies class. This topic lead to a lively discussion by a group of third graders about the tilt of the axis of Earth, proximity to the sun, the solar system, the expected life span of the sun and other stars leading all the ways to black holes! Their teacher, Mr. Juho, was very impressed by how knowledgeable many of the third graders were!


English Class fourth graders practiced their time telling skills interactively using iPads. Lapsed time was the focal point. English Class fifth and sixth graders are revising for tests they will have next week on various topics and finishing up incomplete projects. The school is a veritable hive of learning activities!


One comment on “Learning Progresses with the Advance of Advent

  1. Joanne Morrison says:

    Grateful to all teachers who teach these children.

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