Advent Calendar Activities


English Class pupils are enjoying very unique and individual activities this Advent season. In the photo collage above second grade teacher Ms. Noora is selecting second grader, Antti, to read the Advent activity of the day. The activity of the day was for the second graders to unscramble words related to Christmas.


The theme of the activities in the Advent calendar in the first grade class is spreading good will. Among other things they have spread good will to the kindergarten class, as well as to one another, through various projects, games and crafts.


The fifth and sixth graders created their own candle Advent calendar by using empty tubes to make candles. The flames of the candles are bits of pulled wool that was left over from the gnomes and elves that they felted. Today the activity tucked inside one candle was whole body creative expression.


Sixth grader Jenni read the directions and the pupils acted out being snowmen, reindeer and kangaroos (!) to some lively Christmas music. Check in with us next week to read about the sports activities that third and fourth graders are doing for their Advent calendar.

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